How to Get a Free Nintendo 3DS

Hi all, my name is Jacob Buckley and this is my blog detailing how to get a free Nintendo 3DS. I’ve always been obsessed with hunting down free stuff, especially when it comes to new gadgets! So far I have the following on my list of freebies that I have successfully received through finding great freebie offers online:

  • A Sony PS3
  • A Dyson DC19
  • An Xbox 360 Elite
  • A Samsung 40 inch LED TV
  • An iPhone 32GB 3GS
  • A Pair of Beats by Dre Headphones
  • A B&W iPod Docking Station

PLUS I’ve just had an e-mail stating that my free Apple iPad has been posted and should be with me within a week so there’s one more for my list!

Free Nintendo 3DS

Due to popular demand from friends and family I decided to start a freebie site for the up and coming Nintendo 3DS, you can get hold of a free 3DS on the launch date if you follow my simple instructions and ACT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

As the Nintendo 3DS has not yet been released – now is the best time to complete a free offer. The companies which give away free gadgets only get a select amount and often their supplies run out extremely quickly, so complete an offer now and get yourself a free Nintendo 3DS as soon as it is launched. If you wait to do a free 3DS offer until after the launch date, believe me when I say you’ll be kicking yourself!! DON’T MISS OUT! I’ve made the same mistake a number of times and it really is a horrible feeling to know you’ve missed out just because you were too lazy to complete an offer early enough.

Here’s some pics which some readers sent in to say thanks for their freebies to FreebieJeebies (lol), I did promise to put them up on the site so here they are!

Matt Cork sent this picture of his brand new Sony PS3 Slim, you can find Matt on his blog at

Free PS3

Jack Holdsworth from Bristol sent in this pic of his free free iPhone:

Free iPhone

Paul Daley from London sent in this picture of his shiny new LCD:

Free LCD

Amy Stafford from Liverpool sent in a pic of various bits and pieces she received:

Free Bits & Pieces

I will list the free Nintendo 3DS offers below:

(Feel free to contact me on MSN messenger or Skype with any feedback or questions.)

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  1. Thanks for the mention Jacob, I’m going to add a link to your site from my blog ;) Thanks for all the advice and hard work!

  2. bryant says:

    kewl this actually works!!!!


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